Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Fine Message From Pat Waterman

TO: NAPO Greater London Branch MEMBERS

Don’t mourn. Organise

On the eve of his execution in 1915, the Swedish-American trade union organiser Joe Hill had a surprisingly upbeat message to pass to Bill Haywood, a fellow Industrial Workers of the World activist: “Don’t waste any time in mourning. Organise.”

Aside: - In Folk Music circles there is a famous song about Joe Hill - which has been featured at least once on the Folk Music aficionado - Mike Harding's (Of Rochdale Cowboy and Formerly the BBC 2 Radio Folk Music programme fame) - Internet radio show - 

I found a version here: - http://mhfs.podomatic.com/entry/2013-03-17T14_37_01-07_00 - Number 6 - 20 minutes 45 seconds from the start.

Back to the GL Bch Email: -

Having been subjected to sifting and sorting, case validation exercises, and now training in quite what nobody is really sure, many of you are being invited to parties to mourn the loss of your LDU.

LPT may be coming to an end but let me assure you that the fight being mounted by this union is far from over.

Your Chief Executive, having reported on her mad social whirl this past week, tells you that :

"now we have the serious business to attend to of ensuring the NPS and CRC can function effectively and that service users have a positive experience".

I advise you all to read the email from your National Chair and General Secretary, sent earlier today, and the email from Mike McClelland, National Official, detailing the discussions taking place between the unions and the MOJ. The message of this union to you all is clear.

The chances of the NPS and CRC functioning effectively are becoming more and more unlikely by the day.

As I have said on more than one occasion it will start to get really interesting as potential buyers start to look at the CRC’s and wonder quite what it is they might be buying. They will be looking for something that functions effectively and efficiently with a willing and compliant workforce.

Is that what we are?

At the SGM in Birmingham on 5th March our General Secretary announced further strike action from 12 noon on Monday 31st March and all day on Tuesday 1st April. I am writing to you all to ask you to support this action. The government’s plans cannot be implemented without our cooperation. They need our skills and expertise. We need to show them what we feel and strike action is one way of doing so.

Placards and leaflets will be available for distribution at the branch meeting this Friday 21st March. We will also be discussing how best to organise this action. We can build on our experience from our previous strike last November. Contacts with local papers and radio have already been made and should be quickly re-established. Please contact the branch officers for help, advice and support in organising local picket lines

Following the success of our “battle bus” last time we will be planning another one to travel round Central London on Tuesday afternoon. All are welcome but priority will be given to those who did not go on the bus last time. Please send your names to Mail London NAPO.

We will also be planning a march from BPR to the MOJ to give Chris Grayling a birthday surprise he will always remember.

So let us not mourn the loss of LPT but let us focus our energies on organising and defeating the government’s plans to destroy and privatise the probation service. Striking is one plank in our armoury. We need to make it successful to send a clear message to Mr Grayling.

Probation is not for sale

Pat Waterman Branch Chair

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